Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Jack Cafferty Shows Wolf Blitzer No Dubai Love

Here's Jack's retort to Wolf "I just Heart Dubai" Blitzer via CNN: "I've been watching your coverage from Dubai, it's a very impressive place and they have great security there. I ain't worried about security in Dubai. I'm concerned about countries w/ties to terrorism, like the UAE, having oversight of security of port operations in this country. I don't care what they do over there, but I sure as hell care what they do if they have a chance to come here and have anything to say about 6 major ports in this country. Just one man's opinion." And then this: BLITZER: Jack, I'm going to be interviewing top officials here in the UAE tomorrow. Is there any 1 question you think you I should be asking these officials? CAFFERTY: Yes. Ask them how the nuclear proliferation that was so widely reported got through all that tight security over there." Cafferty... I heart you.
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