Monday, March 06, 2006

Pat Tillman's Death:Was It Homicide?

MSNBC: The Army is launching a criminal investigation into the April 04 death of Tillman (who walked away from a lucrative football contract w/the Arizona Cardinals to join the Army in 02). Tillman was an Army Ranger shot by fellow soldiers in what previous military reviews had concluded was an accident- but this investigation will have a new focus on possible charges of negligent homicide. I absolutely believe that Tillman was intentionally murdered. He had a meeting set w/Noam Chomsky during his planned trip home, he had made several statements that he believed this war was "fucking illegal", his uniform and body armor were burned the day after he was killed and other critical pieces of evidence were destroyed. Tillman was famous. He was very handsome. He was also very credible. And it was very possible that he was going to tell the world about what he thought about the Neo-Convict's war and what a clusterfuck BushCo had turned it into... whether Hannity or Coulter accept his beliefs or not. So, of course he had to be silenced... probably w/the blessings of those in the highest office.
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