Thursday, March 09, 2006

Internatl Women's Day? Not in America if you're fertile...So I ask 10 Questions

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Weds was Internatl Women's Day. Sorry I didn't celebrate, but this wk in the US, it just somehow doesn't seem like women's rights have been recognized in any way, shape, or form. So the grand plan is to overturn Roe and then have Diebold rig it to ensure this passes according to the Religious Fright's agenda and/or make sure all the wingnuts come crawling out the woodwork to vote to make abortions illegal outright or severely restricted state by state. I demand that these 10 questions be answered since I live in a state that seems hellbent on following SD, MO, & MS's lead: 1.) When exactly will the legislators/ voters who are pushing for this be adopting all of the deformed fetuses that need round the clock care that no one can afford? 2.) When will they be setting up lifelong medical care and homes for all of these unwanted babies w/severe medical problems that women are being forced to bear? 3.) What kinds of father rights do rapists have to the fetuses they've forced onto females by rape and/or incest? 4.) As a married woman, will my husband's health insurance be forced to cover the prenatal care, birth, and medical needs of a rapist's baby? 5.) As a married woman, will my husband be granted a divorce when he decides that he cannot bear to look at the child of my rapist? 6.) When the rapist is found to be the father of mine and any number of his victims' babies, will his visits be unsupervised? I mean why the hell not? If any of the rapist's children are lil girls, he might as well commit incest w/ them too since he's been allowed to already become a father via rape? Just think: rapists could create their own harems of victims again and again and keep it all in the family, so to speak. 7.) How will state run orphanages be financed to house, feed, educate and care for all of the unwanted children who will have to wait to be adopted? 8.) If a woman turns to drugs, alcohol and/ or suicide attempts when forced to remain pregnant, will she be prosecuted for endangering her unwanted fetus? 9.) Will family counselling be paid for to help the families stay together and deal with being forced to have unwanted, deformed, or rape conceived fetuses? 10.) When will the US be outlawing the death penalty also since this move to outlaw abortion is supposedly based on a Christian love for life? I want answers to these questions. If we American women have to live w/these consequences we certainly deserve the fucking answers.
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