Saturday, March 11, 2006

OH's Blackwell & the Council for Natl Policy

Speaking of black men who've done lost their mind... OH's Sec of State Blackwell has scrubbed his site of any evidence of this meeting w/the Council for Natl Policy. Why would he do that? B/c the CNP is THE uber wingnut group of all the wingnut groups: "CNP's 1st president was Tim LaHaye, the famed preacher and writer of the Left Behind series of Rapture books about the "end-times". LaHaye, like the other Religious Frighters brew a strong contempt for the 1st Amend principle of church-state separation, because it seriously complicates their goal of installing their version of Christianity as the US’s officially religion. Many members of the CNP are part of the Christian Recon­struc­tionist movement. Reconstructionists call for trashing the Constitution and replacing it with the harsh legal code of the Old Testament. They advocate the death penalty for adulterers, blasphemers, incorrigible teen­agers, gay people, "witches" and those who worship "false gods." Oh yeah... the reasons to flee screaming and flailing from OH just keep piling up.
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