Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This is when I support the death penalty

I've expressed before my opinions on the death penalty (waaaay too overused in the US for seemingly any and every crime/ it should ONLY be reserved for THE most heinous of crimes). With my position on the death penalty in mind, please follow me: This shocking and repulsive story has been all over the Cleveland local news, so it has been on my mind. Hubby and I took BabyGirl to see a pediatric ophthalmologist in Cleveland for a 2nd opinion on surgery Tues morning (same bad news... surgery is needed and will take place 1st wk in April). But while sitting in the waiting rm, there were babies, toddlers, and tweenies (not toddlers, not yet big kids) everywhere playing, crying and waiting. I couldn't help but notice an adorable cherubic baby girl about 8 months old waiting to see the doctor, which made me think of the crime this freak is alleged to have committed on his 7 month old niece. Read about this unspeakable crime, 1 of the most heinous crimes imaginable, and tell me if you agree w/me that in cases like this, the death penalty is warranted.
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