Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Boston Catholics:No gay adoptions

TheAdvocate: "The Boston Catholic archdiocese announced Friday it would turn its back on children who need homes rather than continue to consider gay parents as equal to heterosexuals, as MA state law demands. Once its current contract w/the state expires, Catholic Charities will stop providing adoption services in explicit protest of the state's refusal to allow it to discriminate against gay and lesbian potential parents. Catholic Charities has provided 100s of children w/ new homes during its approximately 20 yrs of work w/ the state, including a number of children placed w/ gay or lesbian parents. The state's Catholic bishops, who oversee the charity, had asked for an exemption to the antidiscrimination law that demands the group treat all potential parents equally. Gov Mitt Romney, (MA-R) sided w/ the bishops but could not himself provide the exemption, which would have required legislative approval." As a Catholic who has been repeatedly told that I have to forgive priests who have raped children, but that I am going to Hell for being pro-choice and for cherishing my gay friends, I have 1 serious question for the Boston archdiocese: Why does the Catholic Church hate all gays yet loves child rapists wearing priest uniforms?
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