Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Child molestor was in ex-gay ministry

FLSun-Sentinel: "A Summit Christian School teacher was arrested last wkend after admitting to having sex w/a teen boy. Ex-teacher Chad Stoffel was enrolled in an "ex-gay" ministry whose adherents believe people can change their sexual orientation thru the power of Christ. Love in Action Internatl is the oldest of the ministries that try to counsel people away from homosexuality thru the Bible. It's not clear when Stoffel went to Love in Action, but on Feb. 1 a counselor there called a detective and told him Stoffel had confessed to molesting "numerous" boys in South FL. Stoffel also had reported himself to FL's child-abuse hotline." AGAIN: Homophobes protest the most b/c they are self-thoating. But I'm sure if Stoffel were to apply to be a foster parent or adopt, Boston Catholic Charities would give him the thumbs up.
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