Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Helen Thomas Bitchslaps Bush & Wolf

Yes Bush... we all know you Want to be a Warmonger. And thank God Helen Thomas had the set of brass ones to call you and Wolf Blathering Blitzer on it. I forced myself to watch Wolf just to see the interview w/Helen, but the best part was at the end when she left Wolf stung and bleeding with this lightening quick bitchslap: "BLITZER: We sat in those briefings for a long time together. THOMAS: You ask very tough questions. BLITZER: Well, I'm trying to do the best I can, like you. THOMAS: You asked President Clinton why he wouldn't resign. BLITZER: I asked him some tough questions, but that's another time. And this is another story right now. It's always good to have you here..." God bless her.
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