Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Big Dick Cheney: Certifiably Insane

To pimp the ailing and failing war, The Big Dick was foaming at the mouth like a mad dog: ProgressiveDailyBeacon: "On Sun, Cheney didn't express any regret for predicting in the days before the invasion that US troops would be greeted as liberators or his assessment 10 months ago that the insurgency was in its 'last throes.' On the contrary, he said the optimistic statements 'were basically accurate, reflect reality.'"What possible version of reality could Cheney be referring to? And they say he wasn't drinking before he blew the old lawyer's face clean-off. Cheney is a member of what is, perhaps, the most self-deluded and delusional admin in the history of human civilization. Cheney isn't merely trying to convince the world and Amer people that Iraq is on the verge of utopia. He, like most crazy people, actually believes the strange voices in his head -- he listens to them just like Pat Robertson attends to those in his empty skull. Not convinced Cheney is certifiably insane? Her'e his best quote: "I think we are going to succeed in Iraq. I think the evidence is overwhelming." And I think the evidence is overwhelming that you need a padded room vacation.
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