Monday, March 20, 2006

Boehner: Very DeLay-like w/Free Trips

CenterForPublicIntegrity: When Rep John Boehner (R-OH), was elected House maj leader on Feb 2, he presented himself as a new kind of leader- someone who would rise above the aggressive tactics and ethical tight-rope walking of his predecessor, Tom DeLay. But the CFPI's examination of Boehner's political financial activities during his 15 yrs on Capitol Hill indicates that the way he does business might not be so different from DeLay: 1) Boehner has taken dozens of trips on private jets owned by corps that have legislative interests before Congress 2) He accepted scores of privately sponsored trips (often categorized as having fact-finding or educational purposes) to some of the world's premier golf spots and foreign locales. 3) He hosted many high-end fund-raisers to wine and dine potential donors and GOP colleagues. 4) He donated millions to election campaigns of fellow Repubs. So that means out w/the old corruption and in w/the new corruption, right?
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