Saturday, March 18, 2006

'Choose Life' Plates Allowed in Tenn

If anti-choicers get to drive around w/ their "Choose Life" plates from the state, why shouldn't I get to drive around and express my viewpoint, too? Okay, I don't live in TN, but OH has these same plates, and OH also does NOT offer "Choose Choice" plates. Discriminating, no? AssocPress: A fedrl appeals crt Friday allowed TN to offer anti-abortion license plates w/ the message "Choose Life." A 3 judge panel of the 6th Circuit Crt of Appeals overturned a lower-crt ruling that said the tag illegally promoted only 1 side of the abortion debate: "Although this exercise of govt one-sidedness w/ respect to a very contentious political issue may be ill-advised, we are unable to conclude that the TN statute contravenes the First Amendment," Judge John Rogers said in a 2-1 ruling. TN Right to Life, declared victory: "It's a validation of our position all along that the Legislature had the authority to authorize a plate that favors normal childbirth over the practice of abortion," said the group's prez. (OMG, this freak actually believes that the majority of women choose abortion b/c they are against normal childbirth??) In a dissenting opinion, Judge Boyce Martin Jr. said the plates should be banned because they amount to unconstitutional viewpt discrimination. (Since when does that matter, Judge?) Abortion-rts proponents complained the state does not offer those who are pro-choice a similar way to express there views. An attempt to create a "Choose Choice" tag failed in the Legislature in 02." Nice to see that freedom of speech only applies to the wingnuts, eh? I searched high and low for pro-choice license plate frames. I found zero. So, I found a great sight that allows you to create your own license plate frames. The pix above is the "test" plate frame I designed. And they only cost $18.99! Exercising our First Amendment rights for under $20? Priceless.
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