Saturday, March 18, 2006

Tenn wants Ichthys Symbol on Plates

If the state of TN allows the Christian fish symbol to be on the state license plates, why can't people of other religions or no religion choose this symbol for their plates? Hell, I'm Catholic and I'd choose this. What about the fish symbol w/ Darwin written inside? What's fair for the goose must be fair for the gander, folks. If not, it is called discrimination. KnoxNews: A proposal to put the Christian fish symbol on TN license plates calls for specialty plates featuring the simple line drawing of a fish, which many Christians already put on their bumpers, has been put before the TN Seante & House. Specialty plates cost an extra fee, w/ the money going to a cause or charity. GOP Sen Jim Tracy, is the Senate sponsor of the bill, w/ drew the measure from the consent calendar, which is usually reserved for items with broad support. If approved, the fish design would be the state's 1st explicitly religious license plate. Opponents have said the plates would be akin to the state sponsoring religious beliefs. The House version of the bill, sponsored by GOP Rep Donna Rowland, has been assigned to committee." Yeah... assigned to a committee of theocrats, I'm sure.
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