Friday, March 17, 2006

Poll on Feingold's Pres Censure

PoliticalWire: 1.) 46% favor censuring Bush "for authorizing wiretaps of Americans w/in the US w/o obtaining crt orders" 2.) 44% oppose the move. 3.) 42% favor Bush's impeachment by the House of Reps 4.) 49% oppose it. I don't know if Feingold's move for censure is good or bad, but pundits like this one say it is good. I DO know that it is correct and called for since Bush violated his sworn oath to uphold the Constitution, and if a Prez can circumvent the 4th Amend, which other amendments can he circumvent? When does Bush get to start owing slaves, making alcohol illegal and denying women the right to vote?
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