Wednesday, March 15, 2006

FBI admits to spying on Peace Groups

Are homegrown terrorists who've infiltrated the US the shadowy ones who pose the most danger to our natl security? Naw, according to the FBI some of the most dangerous groups in America: Peaceniks, vegans, peaceful mothers and pacifist churches. Info like this from the ACLU and the WashPost about the FBI is exactly why we must demand that our Senators sign on with Sen Feingold's censure of Bush's illegal spying. ACLU: Said Ann Beeson, Assoc Legal Director of the natl ACLU "From the FBI to the Pentagon to the Natl Security Agency this admin has embarked on an unprecedented campaign to spy on innocent Americans. Investigating law-abiding groups and their members simply b/c of their political views is not only irresponsible, it has a chilling effect on the vibrant tradition of dissent in this country." Yeah, between this blog and as a member of Another Mother for Peace (and w/ 2 of their bumper stickers on my vehicle) I'm sure I am toast. The best bit for me in the WaPo's article on "FBI admits took photos of Antiwar Activists" is this: An FBI report from Nov 02 indicates that an agent photographed members of the Thomas Merton Center as they handed out leaflets opposing the impending war in Iraq. The report called the group a "left-wing organization advocating, among many political causes, PACIFISM." OMG! Not pacifism. Jeeze, that means that non-violent/ turning the other cheek Jesus Christ was a member of a left-wing organization that advocated many political causes (like taking care of the poor, NOT the wealthy) and the dreaded PACIFISM. If Jesus is scary left wing, it is good to see I'm in good company.
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