Friday, March 17, 2006

War Fan Fukuyama: No more pre-emptive wars

So Bush re-spews his same old same old on pre-emptive doctrine Thurs, and former Iraq war fan Neo-Convict Francis Fukuyama says this on Lou Dobbs: DOBBS: Let's talk about the natl strategic report, coming just about 4 yrs after it was first drafted, reasserting the right of preemptive strikes. What's your reaction? FUKUYAMA: Well, I think that policy began after Sept 11th, this idea that if you have undeterrable terrorists w/ WMDs, you can't stop them, so you have to go out and get them. But it was applied to Iraq, which was not that problem. It was a rogue state that could have been handled, I think, in very different ways. And the problem with this preemptive doctrine, is 1st of all, it requires that you actually predict the future. And you never will, because you're talking about intangible intentions on the parts of foreign govts that you don't really know terribly well. So, I think that's why the great German statesman Bismarck said that preventive war is committing a suicide for fear of being killed. I mean, that's what it amounts to." Gee Francis, having a bit of BushCo buyer's remorse like Justice O'Connor? Too bad. I hope you're haunted by guilt. We're all getting bent over now thanks to the likes of you asshat.
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