Monday, March 20, 2006

Juan Cole: Saddam Wanted to Arrest Zarqawi

I have my serious doubts that the one legged Zarqawi is alive... especially since he was declared dead already in March of '04. But laughably, the wingnuts and War Fans of the blogoshere are trying to prove that Saddam and al Qaeda were working in tandem. Like an ego-maniac dictator like Saddam would work well with others, huh? Well, Juan Cole sets it all straight at Informed Comment: "The Right Blogosphere scammed by bogus document dump: It is falling down funny. The Right blogosphere is going crazy about this document [ pdf] in the Iraqi documents made available by the US govt this wk. The notorious liar, Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard led the charge. This is just an old Western document posted to the internet in 1997... ISGZ-2004-019920 is an APB for Zarqawi from Baath intelligence. They say with obvious alarm that they have indications that al-Qaeda personnel may have come to Iraq, and they clearly are directing that these individuals be apprehended. They provide wanted-poster style photos of Zarqawi with his real name. This document is proof that the Baath in Iraq was not working with al-Qaeda, and, indeed, was hostile to it." So, Saddam wanted to arrest Zarqawi and not take him out for dinner and a movie? How will the War Fans spin this?
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