Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gitmo Detainees Talk about Abuses

AssocPress: A Marine Corps lawyer told an audience that no civilized justice system would accept "info being acquired potentially under torture or questionable methods." He spoke after several former detainees recounted their experiences at the camp, which holds roughly 500 prisoners: "When you use an imbalanced system, all you do is risk convicting the innocent and providing someone who may be truly guilty w/ a valid complaint to challenge their conviction. There are no rules. They change every day." And if you can believe all this, the US is defending their torture of detainees at Gitmo w/this shite: "The US military argued that the prisoner was not isolated because he had been interrogated 29 times over 2 yrs. The prisoner's lawyer said: "Is there another case anywhere in the history of Anglo-American jurisprudence where it was argued that a person is not isolated, and in fact has meaningful interaction w/ other human beings, b/c he is interrogated?" Well, probably not... but welcome to BushWorld.
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