Wednesday, March 22, 2006

It's hard to be a black man in America

As if Oprah telling us that we have 37 million people living at or below the poverty level in the US wasn't bad enough, and as if Katrina didn't expose our nation's shameful secret in regards to race and poverty... we now have these new studies, to truly depress us. They show that the huge pool of poorly educated black men are becoming ever more disconnected from the mainstream society, and to a far greater degree than comparable white or Hispanic men. Is some of it bad choices? Is some of it zero opportunities? Is some of it racism? Is some of it b/c a big part of America could care less as long as they have their's? Yep. So what do we do about it? I don't have the answers, but it seems that Rev Al Sharpton makes a helluva lot of sense. Esp when he says this: "Let’s not confuse civil behavior with civil rights. The problems in our communities are exacerbated by bad behavior, not caused by it. The problems in our community have been systemic and because of structural problems w/in the system." And this is what the Rev has to say about Bush's supposed ownership of Christianity: "Why would God save you to do nothing? If God can use Moses to challenge Pharaoh, the 3 Hebrew boys to challenge Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel to challenge to Balthazar, then why can’t God call us to challenge George Bush?" Sharpton said, drawing a roaring ovation. "If you’re scared or afraid that someone will come after you, say that. But don’t act like God punked out because you punked out. God always has people that speaks truth to power. That’s not politics but the works of the church." Priceless.
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