Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Congress to Gut Financial Protection Act

As if the soulless bankruptcy laws weren't bad enough, and your tax info being sold off to to the highest bidder, we now have Congress gutting the Financial Protection Act. Lou Dobbs via CNN: " A congressional committee has voted overwhelmingly to weaken those protections to Californians and residents of a dozen other states. REP. CAROLYN MALONEY (D-NY): What this bill did that was reported at a committee, it said that you had to be a victim of identity theft. The horse is already out the barn. They're already stealing your name, your credit cards and everything else. You have to be a victim before you can lock your credit files. How fair is that to people? That doesn't protect individuals. I don't know who it protects." Well Rep Maloney, since when did that ever matter? They have lobbyists to appease... American citizens be damned.
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