Monday, February 06, 2006

UK will Fund Programs Cut by Anti-Female US

GuardianUK: " An estimated 19 million women will risk the consequences of an unsafe abortion this year, of whom 70,000 will die. 100s of 1000s of others suffered serious injuries. Critics of US aid policy say some might have lived if the US had not withdrawn funding from clinics that provide safe services - or that simply tell women where to find them. So, the Brit govt will today publicly defy the US by giving money for safe abortion services in developing countries to organisations that have been cut off from American funding." Hats off to the Brit govt. Finally, some sanity when it comes to what the Bush/ Neo-Con agenda is: To make females suffer for daring to have sex or for being raped. Why do Neo-Cons want unwanted babies to be born yet not help pay for them? Why do Neo-Cons want rapists to populate the world? Oh, that's right: They hate vaginas.
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