Sunday, February 05, 2006

Judges say New Bankruptcy Laws are Insane

Statesman: Judge Frank Monroe of Austin stopped just short of accusing Congress of being bought and paid for, dryly noting, "Apparently, it is not the individual consumers of this country that make the donations to the members of Congress that allow them to be elected and re-elected and re-elected and re-elected." Monroe said that if Congress really wanted to help debtors, it would have required rigorous credit counseling before they can emerge from bankruptcy. Instead, the act requires a few hours of counseling before filing. "That serves no purpose," he said. "The people who need this type of relief aren't the type of people who have been counseling with lawyers, planning, making sure everything is right," Monroe said. "They've come to the end of their rope, and this is the only thing left to save their house, car, whatever." Oh well... the hanging on by the edge of their fingernails don't count to BushCo's Neo-Convicts... until they have some morals to be preachin 'bout and votes to be stealin.
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