Friday, February 03, 2006

Jeb Bush's Own Private Shredding Party

Will the Bush family crimes never cease? Thom Hartmann talked about this article on his show Thurs and if true, this is un-fucking-believable: "A source inside the FL Dept of Business & Professional Regulation said that FL Gov. Jeb Bush has ordered the shredding of documents and public records, a clear violation of FL law. The dept has oversight and approval of state gaming licensees, slot machines, dog and horse tracks, and jai-alai games. (What? Could La Fagmilia Bush be involved in truly Mafia-esque like crimes like gaming? Holy crap! Where's Luca Brazi when ya need him?) The source, who asked to remain anonymous (uh, no shit Sherlock), said the Gov also has brought in personnel from TX to replace key members of his staff in Tallahassee. The Texans (could these be Bush clan members -- and by that I mean Bush family not Bush Klan members, but both probably do exist-- or just TX thugs for Bush?) are overseeing the destruction of state documents, according to the source. A source in the FBI confirmed that public records are being destroyed on orders of Jeb Bush. The source said the Gov may have taken that action in response to the continuing criminal probe of Repub lobbyist Jack Abramoff and the fedrl investigation of the 2001 gangland murder in Miami of Gus Boulis, owner of the Sun Cruz casino boat. Well, Jebbie's list of crimes is long and sorted, so should we shocked if this is true? Nope.
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