Thursday, February 02, 2006

Charges Dropped Against Cindy but WTF?

The charges against Cindy have been dropped: "We screwed up", a Capitol Police official told the network, speaking on condition of anonymity." Yeh... do ya think? But as Carpetbagger Report pts out, Bush has a long standing hatred of T-shirts at his hand picked gatherings. Cindy tells what happened to her at the SOTU in her own words here, but read this MSNBC article about her getting arrested. As we already know, the GOPer's wife was pulled for her T-shirt but was not arrested like Cindy, but there is mention of a 3rd person being taken out of there, too: "A foreign born US citizen who was the guest of Rep Alcee Hastings, D-FL, also was taken by police from the gallery just above the House floor. The congressman met w/ House Speaker Hastert, R-IL, about the incident. "Iā€™d like to find out more info," Hastings said, identifying the man only as being from Broward County in FL. "He is a constituent of mine. I invited him proudly." I wonder if that poor guy is waterboarding in a dank, dark cell somewhere in E. Europe by now?
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