Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Paul Hackett's Response to Bush's SOTU Address

I am sooo happy that Hubby and I slapped some moolah Hackett's way. He makes me oh-so-proud to be a Ohioan tonight. Please read Hackett's entire response to Bush's spew, but here are some key pts: "The President said the US is addicted to oil and far too energy dependent. A former oil executive telling us we are addicted to oil is like a tobacco company executive complaining that their employees take too many smoke breaks." And "Bush recycled ideas from State of the Unions past and threw in some empty political rhetoric. He helped spread the crisis of confidence Americans have in their govt by ignoring rampant corruption and cronyism on Capitol Hill and the WH. It is unfortunate that the Pres did not take head on the Republican culture of corruption with a true plan for reform." I like Sherrod Brown just fine, but I pray Hackett is my next OH senator.
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