Monday, January 30, 2006

Didja Know about this MN Law about Judges?

Notice in this pix their hands are red from all the blood they've caused to be spilled? While I continue my absolute push today by faxing and calling our senators urging them to filibuster (and it seems to be working... at least according to this, so get off your duff and call or fax!)-- despite the bogus claim that filibustering is unconstitutional, esp since the GOP has filibustered plenty of times-- an interesting CNN poll shows how Americans really feel about legalized abortion: "A poll conducted after the confirmation hearings shows that 54% of people support Alito's appt. But when asked about their support if they became convinced Alito would overturn Roe, opinions dramatically shifted: from 54% in favor, to 56% against his confirmation." Hmm, so much for everybody who is Christian wants Roe overturned, huh? But didja know that we the people have a right to know when it comes to the confirmation process?: "Sen Specter has defended Alito's refusal to answer specific questions from Dem senators aimed at showing America just how frightening a Justice Alito would be, by declaring that the nominee "has answered questions as far he could go." Alito said it would not be "appropriate" for a judicial nominee to express his views on issues that might come before him if he were appointed to the Crt. Well, it turns out that Alito and Specter are wrong. Who says? The Sup Crt. In '02, in the case GOP of MN vs. White, 536 US 765, it was declared that it is not only proper for a judicial candidate to express his views on disputed legal issues, but the 1st Amend guarantees him the right to do so. In an opinion written by Scalia, and joined by Rehnquist, O'Connor, Kennedy & Thomas, the Crt concluded that a MN canon of judicial conduct which prohibited a candidate for judicial office from announcing his position on abortion rights and other controversial issues violated his right to freedom of speech under the 1st Amend." Who knew? Well... we won't know, b/c nobody is making Alito talk.
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