Saturday, January 28, 2006

Who is Responsible for Hamas Winning?

The UPI headline says it all: "Saudis: US paved way for Hamas victory." Well, ya gotta give that claim a whole lotta weight b/c according to BushCo's claims, the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq was supposed to lead to democracies sweeping across the Middle East like wildfire... but the reality is an Iranian-like Shia Muslim findamentalist govt is all powerful in Iraq, and the Taliban has much control over the tribal warlords and dictates how the show is run in Afghanistan... so why should it shock us that a militant fundamentalist group (that provides humanitarian aid to the people of Palestine by the way--75% of which live BELOW the poverty line) would attract the Palestinians? Maybe if the US spent more time providing humanitarian aid to the people of Palestine, we could win over some hearts and minds, huh? But when our own prez refuses to save our own people from abject poverty and starvation, there is zero chance he's gonna do jack about the Arab world's poor. But let's be clear on this... Israel doesn't have clean hands in this Hamas win, either. Sharon's Likud Party did more to give birth to Hamas than anyone could, and some even go as far to call Hamas the Son of Israel.
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