Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Kiss Saudi Oil Goodbye as They Kiss China

Uh-oh... we are so fucked w/o a kiss and there is no hope for a complimentary reach around (via Al Jazeera): "Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah is expected to sign a series of agreements on energy cooperation and trade during meetings in Beijing as he continues his state visit to China... Abdullah's visit to China is the first ever by a Saudi king. Some observers believe that the Chinese need for new oil supplies could lead to a stand-off with the US over access to Middle Eastern oil. After his talks in Beijing, Abdullah will move on to India, which like China is seeking to secure access to oil supplies to fuel its own economic expansion." How nice... China has bought up all of our deficit debt to float Bush's war and tax cuts, and now the Saudis are cutting oil deals w/China and India... the 2 countries where all of our US jobs are being outsourced to. Hey! I wonder if Cindy Sheehan can put in a good word for us to Chavez and oil-rich Venezuela while she's attending the World Social Forum?
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