Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Studies Proves Males are the Weaker Sex

The findings of a new US study, published in the Proceedings of the Natl Academy of Sciences, solidifes what biologists have long known -- that males are the weaker sex. The study adds to earlier findings that pregnant women are more likely to miscarry male fetuses than females fetuses during times of stress, and that compared to men, women are biological fortresses. This makes perfect sense to me. And I say that in a completely non-sexist manner. Females have to be stronger b/c our fertility is determined by resistance to health catastrophes. We have to be strong enough to conceive, carry to term and then labor a child out of our bodies... and that... I say to you as a woman who endured 28hrs of induced labor... is no easy feat, my male readers. And you would be well advised to remember that on Mother's Day.
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