Monday, January 23, 2006

Jack Cafferty: Timing of Osama Tape Suspicious

Hell has frozen over... I agree w/ CNN's Jack Cafferty: "This latest audiotape is the 1st time we've heard from Osama bin Laden since right before the 04 presidential election. In light of last wk's airstrikes along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border that may have killed several high-ranking members of al Qaeda, it comes as no surprise that they would want to get the word out to the faithful that the bearded creep is alive and still running the show. It's good for morale, you know. The Dept of Homeland Security says there are no plans to raise the nation's threat level, but the thought of this mutant hanging out in a cave somewhere and sending taped threats to the Amer people makes me angry. Why wasn't this guy taken care of before we went wandering off into Iraq? Here's the question. How important is the new Osama bin Laden tape?"
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