Sunday, January 22, 2006

UCLA's Bruin Alumni, Horowitz & GOP Cannibals

CapitolWeekly: An org calling itself the "Bruin Alumni Association" has published an online list of UCLA professors it deems "radical." The Assoc also posted an online offer to pay students for evidence proving that instructors have been espousing left-wing views in class. The Web site,, lists 31 current and former professors in disciplines such as Afro-Amer & Chicano studies, education, history and political science. There is also a ratings system in which faculty are rated from 1 to 5 "black power" fists to indicate how radical they are. The Assoc lists an advisory board of UCLA alumni that includes Senator and current Congressional candidate Bill Morrow, R-San Diego, former Rep Jim Rogan, and former Cali GOP head Shawn Steel. The group's founder is Andrew Jones, a 2003 UCLA graduate who has worked as a research assistant to David Horowitz, the right-wing commentator criticizing universities for being too liberal. Well, given that several of the newly "caught" Assoc members have resigned, Horowitz (on his own blog) can't distance himself quick enough & far enough away from Jones... cannibalism... always a Republican trait we can count on.
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