Saturday, January 21, 2006

Finus Shelnut:It is b/c of Freaks like Him that Nagin Wants NOLA to be Chocolate Again

I have openly defended Nagin's statement, saying that it was reassuring to those of us who truly love New Orleans as the city she was. We fear it will become a scary-ass White Wonderland since the exodus of 1000s upon 1000s of minorities. After reading this racist freak's words... I am even more committed to defending what Mayor Nagin said. SanFranGate: "Katrina is the best thing to ever happen to this city," said 53 yr old Finis Shelnutt, who owns a French Quarter restaurant and now spends his day sitting alone at a table outside hoping to sell a cold beer or soda to journalists or rescue workers passing by. Telling of the deep-rooted divide that exists between black and white and rich and poor in this Southern city, Shelnutt said the storm created an opportunity to clean up N.O., which is filled w/ "slums and too many bad areas." He hopes the city builds a golf course or 2 where the poor neighborhoods, home to mostly black people, are still underwater. "Change is good," Shelnutt said, denying it was a race issue. "They will find there is a better world elsewhere, like in Houston or Atlanta." Who exactly is this asshat? Well, he is none other than Gennifer Flowers' husband. Yep. That's right... 'ole Shelnut is double dipping Bill Clinton's hoochy mama. Shelnut also just happens to be 1 of the primary sources that cried wolf to the media that looters were terrorizing the city like a band of zombies and were eating the brains... oops... shooting at cops (and... Bill O'Leilly felt so bad for the poor white guy that Bill lovingly let Shelnut spew his spin on Bill's show). Shelnutt also seems to be... shockingly!... a big Bush fan and has 3 high rollin' FL investors just foaming at the mouth to invest in NOLA. Hmm... friends of Jeb, perhaps? Capt Heartless Racist from LA loves Capt Clueless Racist from TX... shocking!
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