Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Arlen Specter: NSA Spying not Impeachable

Jesus H. Christ tap dancing... did they get to you, too Arlen? How? Did they threaten to w/hold your cancer drugs? Didja wake up to a decapitated horse head on your pillow? WTF? Specter on CNN's Situation Room: "There's no doubt that the president acted in good faith. He may be wrong, but he's not subject to impeachment." Ahem... he broke the law, senator. "But I don't think that there's any call here for a special prosecutor. There's -- there's no showing of mens rea, or criminal intent, or bad faith on the part of the president." Spying on US citizens w/o a warrant? Again... he BROKE the fucking law senator. "We just had a special prosecutor, a very high-profile one in Fitzgerald. And we ended up a NY Times reporter in jail for 85 days. And we still don't know what that investigation was all about." You don't what that was about? It was about someone inside our White House outing the name of an undercover CIA agent. Ya know, Arlen... the very agency that is supposed to gather intelligence and protect us from more 9/11's from happening. Ya know... the very thing the Prez claims he is trying to do only he has to mysteriously break the fucking law while doing it. "I would be very leery about looking for any special prosecutor. But look here, Wolf. We have congressional oversight. I'm chairman of the Judiciary Committee. And we are going to have a hearing. And that's the constitutional way to go about it, without getting involved in special prosecutors, who haven't worked very well in recent times." Haven't worked out very well for whom, Arlen? Karl Rove? Scooter Libby perhaps? And that is just sooo reassuring. You have already said that the Prez breaking the law is not an impeachable crime, so we should trust you to chair this committee investigation WHY EXACTLY? Talk about the fox watching the henhouse... that is what I am fucking leery of.
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