Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Canada Elects Conservative Minority Govt

I weep for our neighbors in the Great North... but maybe their conservatives aren't or won't be as batshit crazy and rabid as our's, huh? 155 seats are needed for majority, and here's the results: Conservatives -124 seats (36.3%) Liberals -103 seats (30.1%) Bloc -51 Seats (10.5%) NDP -29 seats (17.5%)Others - 1 seat (5.6%) Total: 308 (of 308). The whole optimistic part of my brain sums it up like this: The Conservatives have 36% of the vote which means the other 64% DID NOT vote for them. But still... Stephen Harper looks like a weasel with an agenda. And to Paul Martin I say: You should've put that corruption in check immediately if not sooner, and this might never have even happened. Did you learn nothing from watching our Dems in the 90's when they allowed corruption to boil over and lose their majority?
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