Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hubby and I just revamped our bed w/ a brand new mattress we picked up Weds, and a memory foam topper we got last wk from Overstock... but besides being eager to sleep in my super comfy bed... I am too tired and too upset to even care about much tonight. I have a boatload of Dem Senators to contact Thurs so I can inform them that they had better filibuster Alito or they can kiss my hard earned donations goodbye (See numbers here). Hubby and I will have to save up our money so we can establish an "abortion fund" for our 3 yr old daughter in case she ever has the misfortune of becoming a victim of rape. We all know that Alito will overturn Roe, and all of the Christo-fascists will bumrush the laws to eliminate abortion in all cases. So, if we ever have to send her to another country to obtain a safe and legal abortion, we had better start saving up, huh? Plus, that fascist asshole Sec of State Blackwell who is running for Gov of OH has already embraced HR Bill 228, a plan to make it illegal for females to cross the OH state line to obtain an abortion in another state. I guess all females will have to piss on a pregnancy test stick at the side of the road in front of a state trooper in order for this plan to be enforced, but could anything be beyond these fascists anymore? Night all.
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