Wednesday, January 25, 2006

This exactly how I feel about America. Here's why: This media blitz is that Asshat Alito -the he-man woman hater- will be breezily confirmed, rumors of soon-to-be "secret police" arresting American citizens when no crimes are committed, millions of dollars are missing from the Iraq Fund, the Army is near the breaking pt, and Abu Ghraib Gonzales joins the WH campaign blitz to weakly justify the illegal NSA spying to Georgetown Law students. I will say that the only ray of sunshine in that Gonzales bit was that many of the students did protest openly while he spoke (you can see the students protest here) but it still is not enough. I'm gonna go do what I always do when I feel such utter despair: Go sit in the rocking chair in our kiddo's bedroom, quietly cry, watch her peacefully sleep, and be horrified for her future.
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