Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dems who Didn't Want to Appear as Obstructionists but DID Feel Like Screwing Us

Prepare for the blood sacrifices... I'm sure Alito needs them to rise from his coffin every dusk. Pix courtesy of Chicotown.
Here is the list of turn-coat Dems that felt they wouldn't dare to think of all of America for 1 Goddamned second before they thought of their own careers (contact info on them here): 1) Akaka, 2) Baucus, 3) Bingaman, 4) Byrd, 5) Cantwell, 6) Carper, 7) Conrad, 8) Dorgan, 9) Inouye, 10) T. Johnson, 11) Kohl, 12) Landrieu, 13) Lieberman, 14) B. Lincoln, 15) Nelson (FL), 16) Nelson (NE), 17) Pryor, 18) Rockefeller, 19) Salazar. After the vote, they released a statement saying they were saving a filibuster for something "really important." Here's something really important: FUCK EACH and EVERY ONE of THEM. If they do not have the balls to be a part of our team, they should at least have the balls to step aside and stay the FUCK OUT of OUR WAY. And when these Dems need money, they can appeal to the Republican voters and ask them for the money. They didn't want to appear as obstructionists to these voters, maybe the Repukes will repay the favor. And maybe they will... after they are done rolling around on the floor laughing at these Dems and tossing aside EVERY last 1 of our civil rights, that is. I am contacting the DNC asap today to inform them that they are not to contact me or my husband in regards to any further donations to the Dems (and it appears others feel the same way). If I am going to be bent over and anally raped, I'm certainly not going to have the person who did it to me ask for a donation while they are zipping up.
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