Tuesday, January 31, 2006

States Preparing to Allow Medical Workers/ Pharmacists Refuse to Treat People

OMG... I am gonna seriously blow a gasket over this un-fucking-believable news, yet sadly this is just another indication of Bush's America at work: WaPost: "More than 12 states are considering new laws to protect health workers who do not want to provide care that conflicts w/ their personal beliefs, a surge of legislation that reflects the intensifying tension between asserting individual religious values and defending patients' rights. About half of the proposals would shield pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions for birth control & "morning-after" pills because they believe the drugs cause abortions. But many are far broader measures that would shelter a doctor, nurse, aide, technician or other employee who objects to any therapy. That might include in-vitro fertilization, physician-assisted suicide, embryonic stem cells and perhaps even providing treatment to gays and lesbians." Do you think these asshats will say that "God called me to be a physician/ pharmacist so I could refuse medicine to X class of patients"? But get this... it is even worse than we think b/c doctors could refuse to give our babies and children inoculations: "Drs opposed to fetal tissue research, for example, could refuse to give and/or notify parents that their child was due for a chicken pox inoculation because the vaccine was originally produced using fetal tissue cell cultures and that physician would be immunized from medical malpractice claims and state disciplinary action." Hippocratic Oath... ever heard of it Dr. Mengele? Oh that's right. For these freaks, it should be called the Hypocrite's Oath... pro-life my ass.
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