Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Good that Draft Age was Raised to 39: Looks Like Iran is Next in Our Sights

Gee, I wonder if The Almighty Evil One will hint that we're going to go to war w/Iran in his State of the Union Spew? Here is what BushCo agenda whore supreme O'Reilly had to say about Iran on Jan 27th: "Here's the important story of the day that no one will tell you about. The head of the UN's nuclear watchdog program, Mohamed ElBaradei, has told the UN that Iran will begin uranium enrichment work, contradicting previous statements from the mullahs who run Iran. So look, it's just a matter of time, ladies and gentlemen, before we have to bomb that country." Yes, Billy-boy, it is just a matter of time, but maybe we are already at war w/Iran and nobody has the balls to tell us about this impending fiery trainwreck that will turn into yet another BushCo clusterfuck, huh? Iran accuses the US and/or Israel for a recent rash of plane crashes involving Iran's top military leaders, and since Iranian military planes are not equipped w/black boxes, I guess anyone could be blamed for what happened. Convenient, no? Maybe this is why we are currently cutting deals w/the top level insurgents in Iraq... I know, WE don't negotiate w/terrorists... unless we have to wrap things up in Iraq so we can sink our teeth, bullets and blood into Iran.
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