Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bush: Speaking for the Almighty Yet Again

Read what's written on this bomb. Is this the kind of freedom America brings to the people of Iraq, Mr President? WhiteHouseGov: "See, part of my foreign policy is this: I believe that there is an Almighty and I believe that the Almighty's gift to everybody on the face of the Earth, regardless of where they live, regardless of their religion, is freedom." I think the Iraqis may have a different view on how swell all of the Almighty's "liberating" has been. Does the Almighty need to take remedial classes on how not to kill folks while spreading around that gift of freedom? Besides all that, a GIFT is given freely... w/no strings attached to it. It doesn't hurt to receive it, it doesn't destroy your entire nation and culture, and it certainly does NOT cause your death or the death of others.
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