Monday, February 06, 2006

Bribes & Brothels in Iraq & Missing Millions

BBCNews: "Robert Stein's story is one of extraordinary corruption and excess amid the ruins of Iraq. He was in charge of overseeing money for the rebuilding of shattered infrastructure in south-central Iraq in 03 & 04. Stein admitted in court to conspiring to give out contracts worth $8m to a certain company in return for bribes, he also received gifts and sexual favours lavished on him at a special villa brothel in Baghdad. But it didn't stop there. Stein admitted to stealing $2m from reconstruction funds. Some of that money was smuggled onto aircraft and flown back to the US in suitcases." But it does get worse: Iraq officials have been arrested for embezzling millions. Good to see that millions of our tax-payers' money is still missing, has been embezzled, used for contract bribes, stolen and flown back to the US, and paying for Iraqi-booty calls.
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