Tuesday, January 17, 2006

VA's David Englin & Brokeback Mnt

WOW... freshman Virginia Del. David Englin (D-45), slams the VA marriage amendment that effectively stops any and all recognition of any type of gay "unions" by asking the question that I as a hetero married wife and mother have asked many times: "I would like to know, how exactly do civil unions and domestic partnerships and other similar arrangements threaten my marriage?" Granted, Englin is a Dem so the chances are much better that he will be open minded, but it takes a set of brass ones to stand up and say that b/c he will be soundly beaten up for this stance and labeled as a "fag-lover". Still, is there a tiny sliver of hope that perhaps hearts and minds can be opened? Maybe... please read what this conservative Christian had to say about Brokeback Mountain after reluctantly seeing the film. It has restored my faith in humanity a wee bit, and now that Brokeback has won big at the Golden Globes (winning Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay & Best Original Song) ya have to wonder what kind of foaming at the mouth aneurysm will the fundies have now, or will they just have to accept that not all of America is as hateful and ignorant as they are.
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