Thursday, August 11, 2005

Cindy Sheehan, ClearChannel, & Her Letter to Bush

ePluribus Media: Please read Cindy's letter to King George, as provided by a Houston Code Pink member. Here is Cindy's interview w/Alter Net, where she makes it clear that she wants to know what exactly the noble cause is that Bush speaks of- consequences be damned. And for up to the minute blogging, please check out William Rivers Pitt's Live Blogging from Crawford TX. I have been anxiously checking it out since rumor has it that Cindy will be arrested ASAP on Thursday. From The Lone Star Iconoclast: It is sad, yet good to know that Cindy is getting support from a parent who has suffered the same loss as her. Bill Mitchell lost his son Sgt Mike Mitchell in the same battle that Cindy lost her son in April '04. Please learn about his loss, too. And as if Clear Channel didn't suck enough already, Evan Armstrong at the KWTX (1230 AM- Fox News Radio in Waco TX) who also works as Station Manager at KLFX (107.3- The Fox Rocks) was putting together an Anti-Sheehan/ Pro-Bush BBQ this coming Saturday, but according to Dem Underground, it looks like a no-go and has been reportedly cancelled.
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