Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Pre 9/11: Special Ops & 9/11 Commission Oopsie

Here is the short & sweet version of the NY Times article by Doug Jehl: The possible blame seems to rest directly on the Special Operations Command Center in Tampa, FL. They allegedly were given info about an al Qaeda cell and a request to forward it on to the FBI, and they didn't do it. Why? Who knows? There was no legal reason for them not to do it. 2ndly, the next group to be blasted is the 9/11 Commission staff, which allegedly received this info and failed to either put in their report and/or to even share it with the 9/11 Commissioners. So... what does all of this smell like? Coverup and/or enormous lies. This story is huge, it has massive ramifications if it is true, and it is a bit much to digest-- so, I highly recommend that you visit BooMan Tribune for an excellent analysis of it all b/c he correctly calls it like he sees it.
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