Wednesday, August 10, 2005

OMFG: Rumsfeld Announces Sept 11th Party

Whoring Out The Twin Towers Tour... YET AGAIN... especially at this time when Bush and his Neo- Con minions couldn't find poll numbers lower: In an announcement tucked into an Iraq war briefing today, Rumsfeld said the Pentagon would hold a massive march and country music concert to mark the fourth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Word of the event startled some observers. Here are some responses: 1) "I've never heard of such a thing." 2) "This is disturbing since we all know now there was no connection between 9/11 & Iraq. I think it's clear that their public opinion polls are in the toilet." 3) "How about telling Mr Rumsfeld to leave the memories of September 11 victims to the families?" And the Kool-Aid lapping response from Rep Pete King (R-NY) that defies ALL LOGIC?: "Rumsfeld was right to link Iraq and September 11th and hold the rally b/c we are at war. You do not defeat al-Qaeda until you stabilize the Middle East, and that's not possible as long as Saddam Hussein is in power." Riiight. And it is just a bastion of stability, no? Whew... thank God things have been so stable since Saddam was ousted that over 1800 soldiers and at least 100,000 Iraqis have lost their lives...
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