Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Yet ANOTHER War Fan Who Refuses to Enlist

Punk ass GOP bitches... SIGN UP or SHUT TF UP.
Photo courtesy of Operation Yellow Elephant.

Crooks and Liars: Watch Chris Matthews ask chickenhawk Jason Mattera of Young America's Foundation since Mattera says that he supports Bush and the war in Iraq, why doesn't Mattera enlist. Mattera's punk ass bitch answer?: "B/c I'm fighting the battle for ideas." Nice. Last week, 21 families in 2 days lost their loved ones... and your punk ass gets to rant from the safety of your cushy home. As Operation Yellow Elephant keeps asking: It's their war. Why aren't they fighting it? Well, Max Blumenthal asks the exact same question of the war's most ardent vocal supporters who are completely unwilling to put their ass on the line and shed their own blood or risk losing their lives. Blumenthal's great pix provide the most punch. It is hard to look at the grieving parents in Brook Park, OH and the partying Young Republicans. I wish one of those grieving parents would choke the chickenhawks' asses w/the folded up flag they will receive from their dead soldier's funeral and call them the sissy-pissy pants they truly are.
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