Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Iraqi Troops: "Begging for Basics"

Hmm... maybe the mysteriously missing millions and the completely unaccounted for $9 billion could help these Iraqi soldiers have basics to do their job and allow our soldiers to get the hell back home? USA Today: "Armored Humvees and helicopter gunships would be nice. And cots that don't sag so much they need cinder blocks for support. Or a system that drains away the human sewage that pools in the street outside their barracks. Or working phones. "We can lead ourselves. We have the capability," says Sgt. Zaman Ali, 29, a platoon leader here. "We just don't have the supplies, equipment or living conditions. Someone is not doing their job." Well Sgt, don't expect much: "US officials say setting up a strong administrative infrastructure - a system to pay soldiers on time, manage bases and perform other duties, will be as vital as weapons training. Lack of those support functions could potentially unravel much of the work done so far" says Lt Col Fred Wellman, spokesman for the coalition training command in Baghdad.
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