Saturday, April 02, 2005

Go Gently and Peacefully

Since many people (who are not Catholic) are unfamiliar w/Vatican protocol and Catholic ritual, some info on what happens after the Pope passes, and who is in the running to be selected as the Pope's successor may be helpful. Who will be the next Holy Pontiff is a very BIG question indeed, and my wish is that on issues such as these to be listed, he will BE SIMILAR to John Paul II: rectifying and/ or alleviating social injustices, poverty, ignorance & intolerance of other cultures and religions, anti- death penalty, anti-war, and his amazing physical and spiritual strength to overcome an assassination attempt and a debilitating disease like Parkinson's. Issues that I hope the next Holy Pontiff will NOT be SIMILIAR to John Paul II: celibacy for priests, the ordination and equal rights of women, banning of artificial birth control methods and condoms (w/AIDS & HIV, JP II's was simply inviting people to transmit it, and that it absolutely unforgivable), the absolute refusal to recognize that abortion is a necessary and rectifying counteraction in cases of incest, rape, and life of the mother, and the insistence that homosexuality is a sin, yet, priest pedophilia was rampant under his own watch. JP II will most likely be canonized for his reverent works, and canonized b/c he was a holy man who genuinely loved all of humanity,(despite our very many flaws & weaknesses and he certainly acknowledged he had these flaws & weaknesses also), and b/c he was a man who genuinely loved his God. For a man who never physically had any children of his own, he was a father to so many. Be not afraid... be not afraid. Rest in peace.
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