Thursday, March 31, 2005

Breaking the Law Breaking the Law

Hmm... so Jeb Bush tried to kidnap Terri Schiavo, only to be stopped by the police who upheld the judge's ruling that she was to remain in her hospice and not have her feeding tube reinserted. Let me get this straight, a governor tried to break the law (kidnapping is illegal in all states) and purposefully tried to throw aside judicial law... so why is he still gov? Krugman asks what the hell is going, too? And the Schindler's thwarted a plan by a pastor and militia member to kidnap Terri... spooky. And this from CA, Arnold broke the law by hiring out of state petitioners to do his dirty work (i.e. intimidate pro-union protesters) which is in clear violation of CA law... so again, why is he still gov?
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