Tuesday, March 29, 2005

If You're Gay, Don't Expect Healthcare

1st of all, let me make this clear: I am 100% hetero, but I am so sick and tired of fighting for the civil rights of gays who vote GOP, so if you are a Gay Repub, go fuck yourself. 2nd of all, if this doesn't scare the hell out of every single one of you out there, you are obviously not paying attention and do not see the very real slippery slope that this will create. DOCTORS and HEALTH INSURERS now have the right to refuse to treat Gay and Lesbians in Michigan if they find them to be morally objectionable to their personal beliefs. It allows Drs & insurers to refuse to treat a patient or perform a procedure that they object to, & what nightmare will that lead to?... if you are raped and you go to the ER to get treated and you want emergency contraceptives to prevent that rape from developing into a pregnancy, too bad bitch. It's your tough luck that you got raped on that particular morally superior health care provider's watch. And fuhgettaboutit if you're a gay man who has been abused by a partner and you need medical treatment... I guess it will just suck to be you... as if being a gay person in America doesn't suck enough already. The Nazis will be goosestepping in surgical greens...
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