Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Rape and Our Soldiers

More news about the plight of Iraqi women, but this time it involves rape and our soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Brigade, the same unit that fired upon Giuliana Sgrena. Troops accused of rape will not be prosecuted, and there was no attempt to even try to find the women who were allegedly raped. How can you conduct an investigation if you do not question the victim? And even worse, in the Muslim world, even the hint of rape, leaves a female to be punished b/c her sexual assault brings shame upon her family, and I'm sure that photos, such as these (very graphic) contribute to the widespread belief that our troops are preying upon Muslim women, thereby making the lives of these Middle Eastern women even more miserable, and making Muslim men hungry to extract revenge upon our soldiers, too. The lives of Muslim women can be bad enough already, so why can't we heed the advice of Amnesty Intnt'l and try to prevent any and all acts of violence against Muslim women?
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